MarLo Bailey

     It seems that as a child I always had a pencil or crayon in my hand. My father was in the Army so we moved… A LOT. I always wanted a piano but crayons were easier to pack and…. I LOVED TO COLOR! While still in grade school I would "paint" pictures with poster paints and sell them to my parents to save up for fancy, lace-up roller skates. Precocious entrepreneur?!

     By junior high school, acrylic paints hit the market. I remember selling my first large acrylic abstract to the Charles Chips delivery guy. I never meant to sell anything. He just happened to see it at our house and asked a price. To this day... I have no idea how to put a price tag on a work of love.

     I attended art school at the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking. I love old school cell animation and film gave me a chance to add time and motion to my artwork. Celluloid film also combined two of my favorite elements, light and color, a combo that still makes me drool.

     I've always loved light and color…including prisms, kaleidoscopes, stained glass, neon, film and now…digital artwork! Painting with pixels, electric paint, computer painting, digital painting… many names for the exciting, creative process of moving backlit colors around via the magic of electricity.

     We live in a digital age! Computers are integral to our daily lives.  Whether it's a digital painting from "scratch", a modified photograph, a purely mathematically fractal image or now, the exciting, expansive world of AI …"ART by computer" is inevitably making its beautiful, grand entrance into the homes and art galleries of modern culture.

Best Wishes!

MarLo Bailey